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Code of Conduct – Please review our Code of Conduct and Club Principles before participating. Anyone in violation of these rules will be subject to elimination from the tournament.


Mixed Doubles – There are no restrictions around gender. Teams can be composed of any (2) individuals.


Self-Refereed – All matches will be self-refereed. Just don’t be a jerk.

Equipment – We will provide the balls for the tournament. The balls will be outdoor pickleballs that are USAPA certified for tournament level play; Each ball weighs 0.9 ounces and measures 2.9 inches in diameter. Players will be responsible for bringing their own paddles.


Scoring – All matches will be played to 11 points, win by 2 with; capped at 21 points. 


Double Elimination – This means that if a team loses, they will fall to a consolation bracket, where they continue to play until the team loses for a second time. A team from the consolation bracket can fight all of the way back to win first/second place. This is because the winner of the consolation bracket will play the winner of the winner’s bracket. The winner of the consolation bracket must beat the winner of the winner’s bracket twice (in other words, win two pickleball matches) in order to win first place.


Forfeits & Withdrawals – A forfeit occurs when either (1) a player/team requests to award a game or match to the opponents (for instance, a player/team is unable to continue after an injury during a match), a team violates the rules that result in a game or match being awarded to the opponents, or a team isn’t prepared to play (or absent) at the time of their match start time. 

Service & Selection – A coin toss will occur before the first round of matches to determine who will serve first. The winner of the coin can choose to serve first (allowing their opponents to decide which side of the court they want), or to receive first (giving them the choice to pick which side to play on).

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